Wrought iron work has traditionally been painted with a glossy black paint by hand, and requires regular maintenance. We offer a variety of finishes on various products. Below you will find information on all the finishes available across our ranges.
Bare metal - This means that your product will arrive with no coatings applied at all. We recommend that you coat it immediately. There are a variety of paints available from local hardware stores. This is the cheapest finish, but requires the most ongoing maintenance.
Black zinc primed - We will apply a zinc based paint to your product. It will arrive a black colour. The zinc helps in the prevention of rust, you will need to give your product a top coat, typically people choose an exterior gloss paint. Your product will require repainting periodically.
Please note however that rust is a natural effect on iron and any paints or coatings are only designed to slow down the process of rust, it is impossible to eliminate it forever. Therefore we do not offer any guarantee against rust.